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A healthy and fully vital human body is an essential condition for a successful survival as well as for individual’s upgrading in the sense of self-fulfillment personally and socially. Modern era – the era of the third Millennium – demands a highly technological skill from every individual as well as a constant vitality without which it will be extremely hard to ensure oneself an important position in the world of fierce competition.

A direct consequence of high specialization and a full-day occupation in the field where one tries to establish their existence is the neglect of the physical body. A considerable increase of fitness studio attendance, an increase of the number of those jogging and doing aerobics, a lot of recreational cyclists and participants of other forms of exercise indicate that we have become aware of this need. However, at the same time the abundance of offer causes certain doubt and leads to uncritical choice of “fashionable” physical exercise. Exercising according to Protej ensures a balance between different forms of exercise. The basis of this exercising is a weekly cycle within which an individual under expert supervision and considering the principles of healthy diet performs the acquired amount of:

1) aerobic exercise, which is important for the strengthening of the heart and the veins as well as metabolism. The positive effects of this exercising stimulate the body to increase the use of fats which influences the appropriate percentage of body fat as well as an increase in the number of capillaries and consequently a larger oxygen flow. Physical fitness is the result of this form of exercise and is beneficial to us at work and sport.

2) Stretching exercise as a way of maintaining and increasing the body’s flexibility. Physical inactivity when middle-aged or elderly reduces the flexibility of the limbs as the consequence of joint structure artrosis, of inelasticity of muscles that are by any sudden moves exposed to injuries. Stretching as a subsidiary unit of every sport activity is here performed as an independent unit of the training.

3) exercise for maintaining and increasing muscular mass. Due to physical inactivity and gradual reducing of the growth hormone, the amount and the elasticity of muscles start to decrease at the age of 25 (atrophy). With a suitable and regular form of exercise we can keep an above-average quantity of muscles which prevent skeleton and joint deformation that are extremely threatened by doing physical exercise. Degenerative process of the skeleton and joints is irreversible.

4) Group trekking at the weekend where synergetic effects of the weekly exercise are joined by the social component. Interacting is a powerful motivational factor during exercise that makes people hold on to their regular workout.

Protej – a complete workout is intended as a goal for adults, whereas for younger it represents a preparation for further in-depth training of any of the competitive sports.

Completion of weekly sports activities

Rado Krušič Slovenia, November 2005

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