Do you know what karate is?

Karate is the skill of the fight where hits and strokes are used with maximized techniques in order to disable the opponent as soon as possible. Hits, punches and strikes are used with fists, head, legs, knees and forearms. This skill is used in realistic and sports version. In the real fight there are no restrictions at choosing the hits and strikes, in view of the diversity of the situation we only influence the power of the strikes and the selection of the human vital points for the hits.

In sports version hits on the karate human vital points are restricted, allowed techniques of the fight are limited too. The full-weight hit is not allowed to be done on the opponent, the power of the hit is released or stopped before hitting the opponent vital part ( head). At hitting the vital parts of the body controlled power of the hit is allowed. According to the judicial rules karate sportsmen use the right amount of the protective equipment. 

Rado Krušič,  Slovenia, November 2015

MSKA karate, III. dan, Expert Instruktor


Sports career in judo and karate, trainer and teacher of the karate as the combat sport and self-defence.

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